All Things Quality

Lathrop FSG will never compromise on quality. We have implemented a proprietary quality assurance program based on the highest level of quality guidelines for product to be delivered to specific food markets. Full-time quality assurance staff on hand perform all activities necessary to assure customer product quality specification requests are met. The quality assurance team continually works to ensure we maintain compliance with regulatory guidelines and food safety certifications.

Food Safety

The Lathrop FSG facility in Lathrop, MO, our premium Non-GMO soybean cleaning facility, holds an SQF Level 2 Certification, which incorporates the same principles of quality management found in ISO 9001, bus goes even further and places additional focus on food safety.

Identity Preservation

All Non-GMO products can be identity preserved through the entire production process from planting at the farm all the way to delivery at the final destinations. Lathrop FSG documents what is planted where, how each product was grown, how it was harvested, where is was stored and how it was transported, all the way down to the individual lot for each shipment.


At Lathrop FSG, we set our quality expectations at the highest level to ensure all required customer specifications are met. As such, we ensure we have the appropriate equipment in place to meet those specifications:

  • Cimbria air screen cleaners
  • Q-Sage belt sorter
  • Oliver de-stoner
  • Setaki color sorters
  • Amos spiral seperators
  • Purification magnets throughout